Positive Vibes Roller Recipe


If you are looking for an uplifting, enticing scent, this rollerball recipe is for you! It consists of 4 Young Living essential oils topped with some fractionated coconut oil in a beautiful 10 mL rollerball, which you can get from Karma and Cosmo's Etsy shop


You will need:

Young Living Orange essential oil

Young Living Lime essential oil

Young Living Abundance essential oil

Young Living Stress Away essential oil


Why those oils? Orange is such an uplifting oil that smells heavenly. The aromatic constituents in the orange oil promote peace and happiness to the mind, providing loads of emotional support. Lime's aroma is stimulating, helping awaken me from any funk that I may be in. Abundance (read: one of my favorite oils ever) was formulated to enhance magnetic energy, creating the law of attraction- promoting a frequency charge that attracts ABUNDANCE, get it? I love the smell of this oil and make sure to put it on before interviews, tests, and any other big events. And last but certainly not least, Stress Away. This oil does exactly what it says- something about the enticing beach-esque aroma is super soothing, making it the perfect addition to this positive vibes roller 🙌🏻


Let's get to it!

Add 15 drops of Stress Away, 15 drops of Orange, 10 drops of Abundance, & 10 drops of Lime into the rollerball and top with fractionated coconut oil- easy as that. Roll on wrists, forearms, behind ears, & all over to attract positive vibes and give yourself the perfect pick-me-up.


**Be careful to follow the directions on the bottle and avoid direct sunlight in areas where citrus oils are directly applied.



xx Alexis

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