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How to Poke Bowl

You may have heard of poke bowls- poke places are popping up seemingly everywhere lately! And with good reason... they are delicious and VERY nutrient dense. The proper poke bowl combines complex carbohydrates, veggies, fruits, protein (omega 3s with salmon), healthy fats, & fiber. The best part about this dish is that it is completely customizable so I am sharing some of my favorite suggestions, but feel free to take them and run with 'em- putting your own spin on it 🌟

What you'll need:

Grains- think quinoa, black rice, brown rice, white rice, & barley... whatever your heart desires

Sashimi- tuna and salmon are my go-to's

Fruit- I enjoy the flavor profile of pineapples and mangoes best with this dish

Veggies- honestly anything goes! For me, edamame is a must; other than that, I just add whatever I have around- usually cucumbers, avocado, and some seaweed

Nuts- toasted walnuts pair wonderfully with the flavors and textures in my opinion

Coconut aminos (liquid aminos, soy sauce, and tamari can also be used)


Black sesame seeds

Let's get to it!

Prep the grains and add them to the bowl as the base

Cut up all your fruits and veggies and add them to the bowl

Slice up the sashimi and add to the bowl

Toast & add the nuts- for walnuts, I just put them in a pan on the stove over med/high heat. Once you smell the nuts, they're done toasting.

Sprinkle black sesame seeds, as desired

Drizzle coconut aminos over the bowl


Stop poke(ing) around and get to it!

xx Alexis

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