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Healthy(er) Buffalo Chicken Dip

Football season would not be the same without gathering with family and friends and snacking on some savory treats. My favorite thing to snack on is buffalo chicken dip. Since last season, I have made a lifestyle change for myself- choosing to eat good, wholesome foods- but there is no way that I would ever give up this delicacy. So I decided to healthify it.

Obviously, the "healthier" version is still not the best thing for you to eat every single day of your life, but anything (yes, even regularly made buffalo chicken dip!) in moderation is okay. I don't know about you, but food makes me feel good, and I love associating fall and football memories with this dip. People try to make food such an unemotional thing, condemning emotional eating etc., but I think that it is important to recognize that depriving yourself of certain foods all the time also is not good for your overall mental and emotional well-being. I digress... If you want to learn how to make this healthified version of buffalo chicken dip, just keep on reading!

You will need:

- 4 cans of Wild Planet Foods Organic Roasted Chicken Breast- No Salt Added

For me, this is the most important ingredient. No salt added is crucial and is the difference between 26mg sodium and 260mg sodium within the same brand!! Now, alone, that is not detrimental, but remember that we are creating and eating this dip with a lot of high sodium-containing items. Shredded chicken breast would also work really well with this recipe- I have not tried it yet, but will update this posts with my thoughts about it once I do.

- Approximately 1/4 cup of Wing-Time Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce

- 2/3 container of Kite Hill Jalapeño Almond Milk Cream Cheese Style Spread

- 2 Tbsp of Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing with Avocado Oil

I like my dip a bit thicker because it sits better in celery, quesadillas, and leftover, but if you want a more runny dip, increase the amount of Primal Kitchen Ranch that you put into it!

Let's do this!

  • Start by draining the cans of chicken and transferring the chicken into a large bowl. I used a fork to mash/tear my chicken up into small bits- you can obviously tear/mash to your desired texture.

  • After the chicken was prepped, I poured small amounts of the hot buffalo sauce into the bowl, folding it into the chicken until everything was well-coated with sauce. I then added about 1 tablespoon more just to make it a little more juicy.

  • Next, I grabbed the Kite Hill Jalapeño Cream Cheese and Primal Kitchen Ranch and stirred those into the chicken mixture.

  • That's it! Heat up the mixture however you would prefer. I simply placed it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after every 30 seconds, until hot. How easy was that?!!?

My favorite way to eat this is with Siete Foods Sea Salt Chips, celery, and Food of Life Ezekiel Tortillas to make some quesadillas. Do you plan on trying this recipe out?! Let me know in the comments below.

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