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How to Get Started with Essential Oils

Hi, guys!!

I have been using essential oils for over a year now and I am have become even more obsessed with them over time. They're SO supportive 🙌🏻 & I LOVE my premium starter kit, which is how everyone gets started with Young Living!

Why Young Living?

I have an entire post dedicated to answering this question, which you can check out by clicking here.

Why the Premium Starker Kit? (affectionately known as the PSK)

If you are starting out with oils or even just looking for high-quality oils and products, the PSK is the way to go because it's the most cost effective way to start. will get you a bunch of amazing things (see benefits below) that are worth well over the $160 cost. If you are looking for a place to start your wellness journey, this kit is a good place to begin 💕


  • 11 amazing oils

  • Diffuser of your choice- the Desert Mist and Dewdrop diffusers come INCLUDED in the base price & made of medical grade plastic

  • 24% off membership! (Membership has NO fees or minimums or anything of the sort.)

  • Access to an amazing, private community on Facebook, education groups, classes & graphics!

What if I don't know anything about oils?

No problem! I knew very little about therapeutic oils before grabbing my kit. Like I mentioned above, when you get your PSK, you will be added to a community on Facebook, where members of our teams interact, share testimonials, and give advice- all of which are priceless in my opinion. There are so many resources that will be made available to you for you to reference during your journey!

I will also be reaching out to you via email once you purchase your kit with some information on how you can incorporate oils into your daily routine along with various other tips and tricks!

How do I purchase one?

I would love for you to join my team! Go to my SmileDrop page and click "Buy Your Kit!". Clicking that button will bring you to the Young Living site, which should look like this:

Clicking continue will take you to the page to pick out your starter kit- yay!

With the Premium Starter Kit, the Desert Mist or DewDrop Diffuser comes included in the base price, and I recommend the Desert Mist because it is beautiful and can run for 8-10 hours, making it perfect for overnight & all day diffusing. The Aria and Rainstone are also amazing options but do cost extra- the price is listed next to the option to select them.

What's next?

Since you have the wholesale membership now, you are technically a "distributor" and can sell kits if anyone around you becomes interested! BUT you are definitely not ever required to. Super simple though- just use the directions above and have them input your member ID for sponsor and enroller! We can make you a SmileDrop link if you want, too.

Also, once you fall in love with your kit and want more you can sign up for Young Living's monthly subscription service, known as Essential Rewards (ER). If you are going to continue to purchase oils/products from Young Living, Essential Rewards is basically a no-brainer. I have been on ER for 4 months now and LOVE this option. I have been saving up my reward points to get a splurge oil 😍

For ER, you are required to place a 50PV order (for most items 1PV=$1) each month, but you can cancel at any time! Keep in mind that Young Living also has other non-oily things like wellness products, beauty products, supplements, food items, etc. so for me, transferring some of my monthly Target budget to my monthly Young Living budget is how I make this work. I purchase my toothpaste, house cleaner, vitamins, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, oils obviously, and so much more through this amazing company.


  • 10% back during months 1-3, 20% back months 4-24, & 25% back after that!

  • FREE oils each month that are exclusive to ER members

  • Gifts from Young Living at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, & one year

  • Discounted shipping

If you have any other questions about oils in general and/or getting started, please don't hesitate to ask!

xx Alexis

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